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Adjust Antenna Position for Better Range

Contributed by: CaptainBlack
Photos by: coming soon

Description: Moving the antenna to the front is one of the easiest mods you can do to improve the look of a car while improving the range at the same time.

Requried Model: MicroSizer, Bit Char-G

Difficulty level: easy < 1 2 3 4 5 > hard

Required Tools:

  • Small nail or similar metal object.
  • Book of matches or a cigarette lighter.
  • Pair of pliers.
  • Alternate Method:
    mall drill bit and small hand drill.

Step One
Remove the body of the car and select a place in the front of the car where you feel it will look best (often this will be just in front of the windshield on the right or left fender).

Step Two
While holding the nail firmly in the pliers heat it up with the lighter. Be careful this is hot metal!!!!

Step Three
Once the metal seems hot enough to melt plastic, simply use it to make a hole in the location you have selected by using a steady pressure, and removing it as soon as the hole is fully through the plastic. Try not to make the hole any larger than it needs to be to accommodate the antenna wire.

Alternate Method
Use the drill bit and steadily drill a small hole to the desired size.

Step Four
Remove the antenna wire from the clip that holds it on the PCB cover, by pushing it backwards until free. DO NOT just pull it free of the clip, you may do damage to the wire or it's connection to the PCB.

Step Five
Thread the antenna through the hole you have just made and place the body on the chassis.

You should now have an antenna that is in a more natural looking (on some cars) place, and the antenna will extend a fair amount further outside the car. This may give you a few extra feet of range. You may also use this mod with the Cat5 antenna mod for even better results.

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