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Mods - Takara Digi Q - Description
Contributed by Aphrael on November 25, 2002

Perhaps the smallest of the mainstream micro remote controlled cars is the Digi Q by Takara. These tiny 1/66 scale cars are actually different than the other remote controlled cars you see primarily: these little wonders are run off of infrared signals.

Just under 2" in length, Digi Q's feature several unique qualities not seen in most micros. First of all, they have proportional controls, which allows for a more realistic driving experience. The car will speed up gradually, have a truer turning radius, and be smoother (like a normal "big" automobile). Digi Q's can also use special controllers, called Propo's, which allow for special programmable controls. Additionally, these cars are far speedier than a stock Bit.

Similar to most micro cars, these cars contain an internal rechargable battery. This battery is charged by placing it on the back of the remote. A full charge will provide a run-time of aproximately seven minutes. It's body-top is interchangable with other Digi-Q's, body tops from Takara, Chrono Q's from Takara, and "Penny Racers".

Digi Q's are not recommended for those who wish to modify their car. Excepting for body tops, there are few modifications available for these cars. Additionally, these cars do require a higher skill level to drive as they can be difficult to control at higher speeds. Prices begin around $35.00 and can go much higher, especially for the special versions with LEDs built in. The special controller runs about $45, depending on purchasing location. This is a great car for the more advanced, serious driver. At a higher price point and being a bit harder to control, they are designed for someone of a higher skill level.

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