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Contributed by Zero

Step 1: Paint
I started with a 35mhz black Toyota Celica and added blue and silver using tape to mask the edges.

Bit Char-G Celica

Step 2: Template
To make sure I made the stickers the exact size i needed them, i took a profile, and top view photo of my car with a digital camera and dropped those images into a graphics editing program and changed the length of the pics to match the size of the real car. (if you do not have access to a digital camera, use a ruler to measure as close as possible, the size you need the decals, and size them accordingly on your computer).

Step 3: Decals
I downloaded the TRD logo off the internet and scanned the RedBull logo off a can I had at the office, cropped out the backgrounds, and placed them on my car template I made.

Step 4: Printing
Earlier I purchased a water decal starter kit from a local hobby store. The kit included clear sealant, 2 sheets clear transfer paper, 2 sheets white transfer paper and instructions on how to set up your inkjet printer. The clear works great on smaller decals and lite colored cars, but some colors will not show up vividly on dark cars. For this car, I printed everything on the white decal paper, and trimmed them closely. After I sized my decals correctly, I deleted the car photos from the template and sent them to print at the maximum resolution.

Step 5: Clear Coat
Using the clear coat provided, coat the printed sheet until it has a nice gloss, and let it dry for atleast an hour.

Step 6: Application
Trim your stickers out using scissor or an exacto knife (whatever you are more comfortable with) and let them soak for 10-45 seconds (depending on the size of the sticker). Pull the decal out when you see the corner start to curl. Try not to over soak your decals or you may blur them! Place on your car at the desired point, and dab off the excess water with a dry paper towel.

Step 7: Finish!
After you let your car completely dry, I suggest coating the entire car with a clear coat spray protectant to protect your paint and new stickers. Enjoy!

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