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Miscellaneous: Cleaning Your Car
Contributed by pixelator

Even in a clean home (at least, in theory - I have no such thing to compare to), your Bit is likely to pick up hair, fibers, dust and stuff. It won't stay new and clean, forever!

I've noticed lots of cat hair and carpet fiber gets wrapped around the metal rods that mount the wheels and the axle, even the gears. And that stuff gets TIGHT in there, too. A very fine pair of needle-nosed pliers can get most of it, though tweezers should suffice.

I've also found that gunk and bits of stuff gets stuck to the tires. My Bit has 'medium' tires, without tread, and they get covered pretty quickly on a dusty floor and rapidly lose traction. I use a computer keyboard 'duster' spraycan, available at office supply stores. With the little 'straw' attachment on, it whizzes just about everything off the wheels, and out from inside the car, too. I popped the body off and did a quick blow-out (being careful not to go full-pressure -- just a bit is plenty).

For more caked-on grime or whatever else you have on your floors (hmm), a Q-tip with water should be fine. Alcohol may also be OK, but I'm not sure I'd use that on those soft tires.

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